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    Feb 6, 2017
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    so im getting new baby chicks what light bulb should i get for week old chicks and is pine shavings or hay good and any other info i need
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    Feb 21, 2017
    we use a heat lamp for them but sometimes it gets a little to hot so we don't put it in direct contact with them don't know what wattage though. And we use pine shavings over hay but they both work good.
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    Mar 3, 2015
    Here are a few articles that should be able to answer your questions! Also I would use pine shaving over hay any day, I've been told hay isn't good for the chicks because it has a lot of dust and can easily mold and there are some other problems.

    How To Raise Baby Chicks
    Raising Your Baby Chicks

    How To Care For A Chick - First 60 Days:

    • You'll need a chick brooder - See our list of hmemade brooders
    • Flooring - Pine shavings & corn cob bedding are best. Stay clear of newspaper since it doesn't absorb well and can be slippery.
    • Temperature - 90 to 100 deg. for the first week, decrease 5 deg. per week. Be VERY careful of fire hazards!
    • Food & water - chick crumbles / starter & a chick waterer (see our list of homemade feeders & waterers)
    • Play time - Play with your chicks when young to get the use to being around people.
    • More details: Article: How To Raise Baby Chicks - Forum Section: Raising Chicks
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