New chicks

Gary palmer

Jul 13, 2017
My hen just hatched a chick last night. It looks like another one is trying to hatch today. I have 11 week and a half old chicks in a separate small coop. At the moment I have a makeshift divider up in the main coop separating my 19 other chickens from the mama hen and her babies. Is it necessary to have a divider up and how long should I leave the babies with their mom? Also can I put the new ones in the small coop with the other slightly older chicks? Thanks for any info/ advice


7 Years
Sep 13, 2015
The divider will probably be a good idea just because of the age difference and you don't want mama stressed with weird new, huge, chicks. You can actually leave the babies with their mom until their full grown; she'll raise them and decide when it's time for them to leave herself (slowly stop doing everything for them). So I wouldn't recommend putting the new ones in with the old ones because the new ones will need a heat lamp and the older ones should be going off of heat soon/outside (don't know what your setup is like) and you don't want the little ones trampled. Good luck with them:):jumpy

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