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  1. joeman2041

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    May 12, 2008
    This is a FYI I live in Davison Michigan and recently recieved several orders of chicks. I got forty from Murray McMurray two extras and a free rare chick, 120 from Welp, 1 extra for every 25 broilers and one extra for every seperate breed, 75 from Ideal, no extras, two dead in order fivemore within a week . I don't know if anyone else has had this experience with Ideal but you can bet I won't be ordering from them again,[​IMG]
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    Let's put some fairness out there though. The conditions your chicks arrive in have very little to do with the hatchery. It's almost entirely the conditions during transit which causes mortality or weak chicks. The variations in temperature between the hatchery and where you live are very hard on day old chicks. It's simply amazing as many live as do.

    No hatchery ships dead or weak chicks, unless severely stressed or dealing with a bad hatch crisis.

    It's not really anyone's fault. Sometimes chicks just don't make it.
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    Quote:if you call ideal, they will credit you for those dead chicks.
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    Mar 26, 2008
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    Ideal is Really good about crediting you for D.O.A. Just give em' a call! Where are you located? If your far from Texas then I would expect the chicks to be weak. I have only had excellent service dealing with them, but I am not far from the Hatchery being that I live here in SE Texas. Sorry for your chickies.
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    May 12, 2008

    I agree transit does take its toll. Welp and Murry McMurray have to deal with transit also and make provisions. I guess my big complaint is that Ideal did not, no extras. Also an 11% loss rate doesn't fit my experieince.

    To be fair, I did call the hatchery and they offered to credit my account. Still, the experience has left me unwilling to order from them again. Also, distance does matter and since I live in Michigan and Ideal is in Texas, McMurray and Welp are in Iowa, that probably had a lot to do with my DOAs and the stress could account for the other losses.

    A lesson well learned, try not to order from hatcheries far from home. Thanks for the comments.[​IMG]

    J.W. Doherty

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