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    Hi. I'm new to this forum and new to raising Chickens in general. I know a lot about horses but not so much about fowls, so please excuse me if I sound really stupid when it comes to this. Anyways, my mother decided she wanted to raise chickens for eggs and such so we came across this place that had chicks for sale. The lady breeds them for 4-H and other showing events and we just randomly got a few different ones. I'm not sure what kinds I bought. I have an idea but I'm not too sure. If someone could possibly tell me or at least guess, it would be very much appreciated.


    Reddish Chick
    - light brown/reddish color, white wing tips, feathering on legs
    (Possibly a Rhode Island Red?)

    Weird stripped-yellow Chicks:
    - one is a darker yellow, the other is a lighter lemon-yellow
    - both have brown stripes outlined with black and some patches on top of their heads
    - a slight feathering on their legs, not as much as the red and black one
    (Possibly White Araucanas?)

    Dark/Smokey-blackish Chick:
    - dark smokey black color with a dark greyish color on its belly and under its wings
    - black tipped beak
    - wings have dark brown feathers on the tips
    - heavy feathering on legs
    (Possibly a Black Cochin or Black Langshans?)
    (this one also has an issue with it's leg...I posted another topic in the emergency section, please help!)

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    Welcome to BYC. This is an awesome place with friendly people and you get to learn alot from them. Chickens are fun pets and you'll how quickly they will become your friends.

    Because of the feet feathers I would say Brahma but I am unsure.
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    May 29, 2007
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    Quote:thank you.

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