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    Last year my wife stopped by TSC to get dog food. She came home with 3 RIRs and 3 Cornish Rocks. This was a classic case of buying cute chicks with no planning. I crammed some research in and set out to building a brooder. After learning about cornish rocks, I had my wife stop and get 3 White Leghorns. She came home with 3 WLs and a black silkie. Well, we successfully raised all of the chicks and I built a coop for them. When it came time, we gave 2 cornish rocks away and cooked the third. Two of the RIRs ended up being roosters and we gave them away due to local laws not allowing us to have chickens period so I didn't want to draw too much attention to our flock by having roosters crowing.

    During this year, I have been able to lobby my county councilman, and a few others, to introduce a new ordinance to allow us to keep our birds. We are planning to double our coop this year so today we got new chicks for our flock. We have 3 WL,1 RIR and a black silkie so I wanted to add some different colors to the group.

    We picked up 5 Barred Rocks and 3 more RIRs. Next friday we'll be getting 3 Golden Laceds. Having chickens has been a wonderful, rewarding experience for my family. I forgot how much fun it was raising baby chicks. I'm including a picture of my new chicks and a link to a video I made a year ago of my coop. Thanks for the wealth of information that you all supply.

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    :welcome to BYC and happy you got the chicken bug! :D
    That is an amazing story about you lobbying to city councilman to change your ordinances! good for you!

    Good luck with your new adventures!

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