May 3, 2015
Hi all!

This is only my second post, but I have some exciting news, I just got two emu chicks. They are about 3-6 weeks old and before they are delivered on Saturday, I would just like all of the fellow emu crazed to share some insight on what I need to know. They are for pets so I really want all the info on how to make them super friendly! Also, I'll take some name suggestions if anyone has some, both genders as they are not sexed! But anyway, what can I do on my part to make these guys(or girls) happy?



8 Years
Nov 9, 2013
Just a quick post:

One: search patiently through the years of past posts. The answers are there!! (There are six wild emus in sight of my house at this second, and I can hear a tame-wild female about twenty feet beyond the car port.)

Two: their physical environment: lots and lots and lots and lots of time and space to run about in lowers the risks of leg problems. If you can plant their pasture with any grass seeds, start researching that -- it's economical too.

Three: time spent with them = tameness. Stay low. Move slowly. Speak constantly in a soothing voice. I habitually wear dark glasses (not cause of the emus . . . ). Emus investigate things by 'beaking' them -- it's not pecking as such. It's different, and you learn to tell when they are going to do it.

So, if you are game -- I do this with birds over six feet high -- just sit v. v. v. still with your glasses on, and they will 'beak' your hair and ears and buttons and fingers and and and . . . No reason for panic.

Finally: don't love them less as they get older. I find them equally funny and cute as they get bigger. Indeed, I think the black head phase is my favourite for the chicks.

Supreme Emu, Unicup, Western Australia

See 'mating season in australia' and 'planet rothschildi' and 'miniature gallery of Youtube emu stuff'


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Mar 15, 2013
Good luck with your new babies , I have 2 adult boys and I love them more than anything. I think they are more fun when they're adults, mine have to help with everything. My older bird El is bird perfection, friendly, cuddly, smart, calm, he twirls with joy when I come to the barn in the morning and when he sees my car coming down the road he races the fence line to beat me to the barn. He's my best bud!

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