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Sep 7, 2009
Catalonia, Spain
So we have had five eggs hatch recently out of six, which is amazing because we usually get three or four (one or two don't develop and later some can't hatch). This time they all developed, and only one couldn't hatch.

Anyway, since it's difficult to keep track of who lays what and what hatches out of what, I wondered if anyone here could make a rough match.

The eggs I put were:
2 easter eggers (green)
1 white leghorn
1 barred rock
1 (suspected) andalusian x
1 empordanesa

The only one that didn't hatch was a beige egg, but but I'm not sure if it's the barred rock or "andalusian". Inside was a black-ish chick that didn't quite make it.
The rooster is an easter egger of unknown mix. We also have a Barred Rock rooster, but he's young and I'm not sure if he's got the confidence to mount the hens in front of the older one.

The hen's got a funny comb. Funny enough to be an easter egger?

Grey one

Small black one

Bigger black one (only one good pic)

"Marked" yellow

Pure Yellow

My own guesses are...
that the pale and marked yellows came from the empordanesa and white leghorn eggs (but not sure which is which).
The grey one may have come from the andalusian x, though perhaps it's a Barred Rock x, depending on which egg didn't make it.
One black one may have come from a green egg, and I suspect the other one may do too (we had one non-broody easter egger at the time I collected who's black).


10 Years
Sep 7, 2009
Catalonia, Spain
I know it's early days, and new clues will come to light as they develop, but I thought I'd make a start. More photos will come in the future. :)

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Apr 5, 2015
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I'm probably wrong, but these are my guesses:
Grey one- Andalusian cross
Smaller black one- not sure
Larger black one- Barred Plymouth Rock cross
Marked yellow one- not sure
Pure yellow one- White Leghorn

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