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Dec 27, 2011
Bozrah ct
Hi everyone
Just wanted to talk incubators , for years on and off I been hatching eggs!
I have taken a long break cause using my foam incubator the little giant with the auto egg turner was always such a headache.
Finding a good thermometer and the raising and lowering technical part of those incubators is such a pain one little turn to the left and oh to high , then one little turn to the right oh to low ... Sigh.
Holding the temperature was a nightmare and all this made incubating eggs a nightmare.
Anyway I went on ebay and found this incubator they don't really have a name , it's called cheap Chinese incubator or just egg incubator .. They are bright yellow with a digital panel on the front controls the temp shows the humidity has a 2 hour count down for the egg turner and a egg countdown so u know how many days the eggs have been in it.
This incubator has made incubating eggs a pure pleasure its awsome, the humidity stays exactly 60 percent the temp stays at 99.5 .. It's day 10 and I haven't had to add water , if u want a amazing incubator this was won for 70.00 u need to try this .
Any questions ask :)


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Sep 17, 2014
The Janoel ones? (I had to do a lot of research to find an actual brand name for them. I found the first one on craigslist) I saw those online and they were a really nice price but all the reviews I read on them changed my mind in a hurry about ordering one. People were saying that their own temp and humidity monitors were registering different than the incubator. Have you tried that? I'd love to find out that they're not as bad as all the reviews let on lol Or has anyone else used one and had good results??? I've been putting off buying an incubator because of prices so I'm very curious what everyone has to say about these ones.

I will be lurking and waiting to see what everyone has to say


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Oct 6, 2014
Yes that's the one .. Go on you tube and type in Chinese incubator reviews all are positive I have tried with my digital thermometer and humidity gage and it's accurate !
Most of my hatching eggs from ebay sent from many states away are growing perfectly!
The thing I did with mine is set it inside the bottom half of the packing styrofoam it comes with that helps keep the incubator steady with temp and humidity in the winter months when your house is colder then spring or summer


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Jan 24, 2014
Sorry. I've been having a difficult time with pregnancy complications (Im 35 weeks) and my toddler has been in hospital after a nasty fall. All hatched. :) No issues, apart from one chick having spraddle leg but that's not incubator related and all fixed now with some physical therapy. :)

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