New Chooks (and their TV character names)

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    I went to "have a look" at some chickens and buy some feed from a poultry breeder I met the other week.
    I came home with two new pullets.
    Quite happy with my lack of willpower, they are lovely girls.

    This is Buffy the Earwig Slayer.
    For those of you who are fans of the Buffyverse, you will know that in every garden there is a chosen one (or something similar). This Buffy is big and not aggressive unless you get between her and her food. And ALL food is hers.

    This is Amelia Pond.
    Dr. Who fans will know she is the little chicken who waited. Of course she is a red head and has a funny accent like the other Amelia Pond. I think this one speaks penguin, she makes such a funny little squawk. She is very inquisitive and being the smallest, everyone picks on her.

    They join my other two girls, Xena the worrier chicken and Phoenix Flippytail. Phoenix is the only one not named after a TV character, she is named for the mythical bird. I got her and Xena after my two previous chooks died in the heat one extreme day a couple of summers ago. Rising from the ashes, so to speak.


    For those of you wondering who would win a fight between Xena and Buffy, Buffy kicked Xena's ***. As I said, in every garden there is a chosen one. Or perhaps Xena just got too close to the food.
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    cute names...
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    Love it! thanks for sharing.

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