New Cochin babies :)

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    I lost my beloved Frizzle rooster "Mr. Fuzz" a while back, i was so upset when i found the evidence that i completely forgot 2 of my duck hens were sitting on about 15 of 'his' eggs... Well a few days ago we were in the coop and heard some babies! sadly the girls only had about 5 eggs left (dunno where the other 10 went!) but they did manage to hatch out 4 beautiful babies for me!

    Fuzz was the daddy and my black cochin Franny, black sizzle & blue sizzle hens were the mommas...they're just adorable [​IMG]
    My mom also has 2 little rooster sons of fuzz's and one of his daughters at her house... his daughter, Fro, just started laying too. [​IMG]

    They're SO cute & fluffy...just adorable!
    They LOVE their Turkeys!

  2. punky rooster

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Great looking chicks:thumbsup but I thought chickens and turkeys should'nt be near each other becuse chickens carry diseases that kill turkeys.
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    I had never heard that before. All my birds are clean and disease free though. what diseases are they that kill the turkeys?
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    I believe the other poster is referring to Blackhead disease. Here's some information on that:

    I want to make it clear that I am by no means an expert on turkeys. I have read of many, many people raising turkey poults with chickens, because the chicks teach the poults how to eat and drink. In fact, if you read down to "H", Ideal poultry actually recommends starting the poults with chicks:
    my interpretation of the information contained in the poultrysite article is correct, blackhead is more of a problem for the turkeys than for the chicks.
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    thank you gritsar,

    thats really good to know. I have a double level brooder and i keep the poults and chicks in the top and my ducklings in the bottom but the dummy poults really LOVE being with the ducklings, they snuggle right into the piggy pile with them... all while the cochin chicks scream bloody murder up top, lol.

    I will have to put together a screen roof for the top brooder to keep the poults away from the ducklings, as i am sure living with ducklings is more hazardous to them than living with chicks.

    I adopted a 4 months old bronze turkey last year and kept him for a couple months. he lived with my chickens and muscovies the whole time and was very happy with them and never got ill at all... i did finally rehome him to someone that was going to ration his diet and keep him as a pet, he was the sweetest thing.

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