New cochin chicks!!!

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  1. Bec

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    I am super excited! I took some babies home from my daughters classroom, 4 of them. I got 1 Barred Rock, 1 Leghorn and 2 easter eggers..well they call them Ameracaunas, but I really doubt it. I left the school and stopped by the feed store and there were MORE babies, so I got 1 more EE and a Partridge cochin. When I was paying the guy said that the Partrdige Cochins were from a local show breeder that had more babies than what he needed. Well I found out who they were from and I ended up with 6! The breeder is a very well known poultry judge and also happens to breed Standard Partridge Cochins...the are GORGEOUS! [​IMG] [​IMG] And even though I love all of my babies, I am especially excited about these little cochins!
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    UMmmm, Bec??? Don't you know the rules? When buying show birds, you MUST buy at least a dozen to get a good variety, as not every one will be show quality and you always need a first place and a second place in every class??? What were you thinking? Just six? Okay, so go back and buy the rest of them!!! And, of course if that is too many you can ship them to ME!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What a great find you made! But only six, I just can't imagine that.
  3. Bec

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    I bought all they had! IF they had more I would have had them alllll!! [​IMG] After I bought the first 2, I went home and thought about it. I called and asked if he could hold the rest of what he had and he said "Sure Thing!" 12 sure would have been nice [​IMG] I will get pics soon!
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    Aug 25, 2008
    *giggle, giggle* If you need some mottled roos I have some to spare...... [​IMG]
  5. lotzahenz

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    OH drool. Where is the smilie for drool? [​IMG] there it is: [​IMG] yep, me this morning over cochins. A Partridge Cochin Roo is just a gorgeous creature. You should line breed and show!!!!

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