new comer from small town Massachusetts


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Holland, Massachusetts
Hi to all. I love this website, you can find anything here regarding chickens. Our family got our first chickens a year ago when my husband brought home 6 chickens that were a month old. He bought them from a local source that raises chickens as a hobby. She was NOT a breeder, and did not know a whole lot about chickens. We wanted to get chickens to keep in our rural back yard to provide us with fresh eggs. We only got one egg layer out of the group. The other 5 were roo's!!!!!!! They were all suposed to be Rhode Island Red's and the only hen out of the bunch is NOT a RIR. She looks more like a New Hampshire or Production red. I was able to find that out from this great website. I recently ordered 12 Rhode Island Red pullets from Ideal Hatchery and I am so happy with the experiance I had ordering from them. I have been on this site nite and day for the last week looking up advice on how to care for my babies. I have found answers to every question I have had and I love the friendly, helpfuly nature of evey one who has posted. I hope that as my babies grow I can pass on some tid bit of knowledge in the future to others who were once like me.........looking for advice from people with real life experience.

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