new construction run 10'x15' covering


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Apr 9, 2019
I am building a new constructed run for my girls. It is going to be 10'x15' with a gentle slop from the coop. I am debating a complete covered versus partial with plywood covered with shingles or adhesive rolled roofing. Recommendations please.


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I don't know where you are located. Are you worried about snow and ice load? How much rain might you get?

The slope needs to be enough that rainwater will run off. If it sits up there it can leak through. It may need to be strong enough for snow and ice load. That 10' span can take some heavy lumber. Will it collect tree leaves? Those can get pretty heavy when wet plus if they stay up there wet they can lead to rot or even termites. That's just thoughts on basic construction.

The big advantages of a solid roof is that it is pretty predator-proof, it can keep the run drier, and it might provide shade. Rain, snow, and sunlight can come in from the sides. Depending on how it is oriented and which directions your storms come in from will determine how much that solid roof will help keep the area dry and shaded.

The only advantage I can think of for a partial roof is that it can be less expensive to build. You can still make a roof predator proof but depending on the size in the holes of the wire smaller critters like mice, rats, snakes, or weasels may still get through.

As far as shingles or rolled, both will work fine as long as they are installed correctly and the roof has enough slope.

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