New coop! And tractor design

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    This is (was) the old coop when we first set it up. It was heavily reinforced with more fencing and a top made with plastic mesh fencing with fencing and more fencing to reinforce the fencing. Even the door gaps had wire over it so you couldn't open it all the way. It was a mess. Actually, it was great for the Summer and/or until I got the ducks and THEN it was a mess. Luckily the concrete dips and we could hose things down and it would go under the wood and right out and into the garden on the other side (which is now a wood enclosed raised bed garden). You can kinda see the nesting hutch in there which Wez built INSIDE the pen and couldn't be removed until we tore it down.


    This is the new coop (coop v2.0) so far. This structure was a dog pen the previous owner of the house built. Built the frame inside. Interior will be 6 x 6 approx. (little bigger) with windows on the East and South sides and a lockable door. Lots of shelving so the chickens can go UP. The far side will have a lockable dog door which will go into the dog pen which we're going to set into the ground in the grass behind the building. Its nice and sunshiny back there even with the pines.


    The man looking victorious after the tear-down!


    This is the chicken tractor we built using the plans from here:

    We left the coop part off, made it twice as long / wider. Has a door with bolts on one side. Much heavier of course but we wanted it as wide as our garden so we can pull it across at the beginning / end of the growing seasons. Works great! My only suggestion is in the directions they call for "PVC conduit" but I don't know of PVC that bends like that... We used Pex piping (or pipex or whatever its called). Ours isn't reinforced but I would certainly suggest it, as well as a bib.
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    [​IMG] Nice!!

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