new coop,,any ideas

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  1. flash5153

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    May 23, 2010
    I hava 9 golden comets about 8 weeks old. I am new to this chicken The coop is 6 ft X 10ft with a dirt floor and the pen is approx 16ft X 19ft.
    I dont have many roosts set up yet, wanting ideas where to put them(inside coop and outside in pen???). I am thinking about putting sand down, in coop and pen.

    Please take a look at pics and give any ideas that come to mind. Although they dont seem to be using the boxes at all right now. Do they look ok?? I have pine shavings in boxes.
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    At this age, you don't want them using the nest boxes yet, as all they'd do is poop them up. The only thing you want nest boxes for is the laying of eggs, and you've got a ways to go
    And your nest boxes look great, but if you're keeping 10 birds or less, then half of what you have is more than enough. To encourage roosting on your roosts and not the nest boxes, you might consider blocking the upper boxes off with poultry wire or tacked up boards. Eventually they will want to roost on the highest points available. Are you doing a straight roost or the ladder style inside the coop. If you do the straight board style (like a 2 x 4), then I'd go along the back wall. It'd be easy to do a dropping board along that wall too, so you wouldn't even have to move the feeder in there; it could stay right there.
    I have a ladder style roost and just a single board in my run. I'd place them so that one can be kind of in shade and one more exposed so that, depending on the weather they can find sun or shade. Your set-up looks good!! [​IMG]
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    Apr 26, 2009
    North Berwick Maine
    Sand is a great idea. Not only will they dig up that dirt to leave mounds and gaps but a fox can dig into the coop in no time. I'd put hardware cloth down, then sand.
  4. flash5153

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    May 23, 2010
    Thanks for the info. I have alot to learn. At first,I though, 9 chickens, I need 9 boxes,,lol
    I have a small ladder type roost right now . They do use it and also use the roosts I have in front of all the boxes.

    I am going to go get a load of sand today for the floor.[​IMG]

    How long before I should exspect a egg or 2??? Is there anything else I should do?? maybe straw in the boxes??

    I am still feeding them "grower". When should I change thier food to "layer". I do give them canned corn,oatmeal,yogart and some veggies. Thier spoiled,,lol.[​IMG]

    I am also going to put some more roosts in, I have all kinds of room .I only know how to build the ladder type roost.
  5. Tiniest Animal

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    Apr 16, 2010
    I am just starting too! [​IMG] I am using an old pig barn it is perfect. But I was just wondering if it was ok for a dirt floor? The other thing I was worried about is that it has a tin roof and sides. will this get too hot for them in the summer? I live in Oklahoma and it get over 100 here. Do I need to cut a window in the North end of the coop there is no window to help ventilation? If so I will put a door shutter so I can close it in the winter. Thanks and try and stay [​IMG] this summer!!

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