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    I just uploaded a new video about our chicken coop construction interior design and exterior design everyone please go check it out and let me know what you think !!!

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    This is our first video, we are just here to share our experience with raising our silkie chicks at the fuzzy animal farm.

    The coop we have in this video was ordered from here

    The Vintage Bizarre info

    We got our (14) chicks the first week of May 2017 from a woman in berkley MA, and currently outfitting the coop for our chicks to move in with in the next week.

    My next step is to put the floor down. I used a water based latex high gloss paint on the walls, the brand is EZPOXY. This paint is normally used for marine situations but worked well for this coop, low voc and it had low oder when applying. When I am washing out the coop it will protect the wood and keep things simple. I am going to apply blackjack #57 on the coop floor, to be continued!

    Any suggestions or comments welcomed! Cheers!
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    Sep 13, 2011
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    Welcome! Your chicks are adorable! The coop is very nice, but I think needs more ventilation, and a bigger window, or a window in the door. Also, locking door latches! Silkies have very poor flying abilities, so I'm not sure that they will be able to reach that roost bar; check with people on the Silkie thread. Mary
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    Thanks so much for your input Mary, I appreciate that!!!
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    Welcome to the world of chickens!

    If I recall correctly, Silkies are more likely to sleep on the ground or in the nest boxes than on roosts. Don't quote me on that :hmm As @Folly's place said, check the Silkie threads. That said, IN GENERAL, chickens will roost as high as they can get so you want the nest boxes LOWER than the roosts.

    And 1 nest box will serve 3 or 4 hens so you don't really need 10 for your 14 (hopefully) girls. You will find that some girls will have a preferred box and get real pissy if another hen is using it AND that many hens will choose a box that already has one or more eggs in it which is why people put fake eggs in the boxes.

    Of course if Silkies don't sleep on roosts, you are likely going to find them in the nest boxes that are near the floor. BTW, there should be a board across the front of the nest boxes a few inches higher than the depth of the nesting material to keep it from falling out or being pushed out as the hen settles in.

    I agree, more ventilation. It is WAY more important than many people think. Chickens wear their down coats 24x7x365 so keeping warm isn't the problem some think it is. Just make sure there is no wind blowing over where the chickens sleep.
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    super awesome advice ... I am currently thinking about two more vent areas .. probably on the peak of the front and back of the coop for cross ventailation in a higher area.

    Yes I think I may have outdone it with the nesting boxes... also the location. I am searching for the silkie thread after I write this up, and post!

    Thanks again !!!!

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