New coop done yay

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  1. BellyShell

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    Aug 28, 2011
    Central Florida
    I'll have to take some pics but I have decided after today some people should never pick up a hammer, much less own one. Puuty and caulk do not fix everything lol!

    I bought this coop (no run) with the intention of having it be like a baby pen when they are out of the brooder. Having built coops, runs, paddocks, shelters (lean to's-goat houses-pig house etc) I have a general idea of how to do it pretty well...granted my coops aren't nearly as nice as some of ya'lls I've seen on the coop pic page! But they are cute with flower boxes, painted to match the house, and they work. No siding or real windows here...just hardware cloth...allthough I do add frames and shutters...oh and curtains lol.

    The coop was a good deal @ 60.00 bc the supplies and limber alone would have been well over 150.00. I invested another 50 to replace the chicken wire with hardware cloth and add some features I like. Took me a day and a half working alone and watching 3 kids but I was able to move the mille fluer trio and the juvi campines and cochin into the new coop condo this afternoon.

    Now 9 more coops and I'll be done lol!

    I love looking at all ya'lls coops and have decided I need some landscaping. Really beautiful and I love them! We have a country cottage, shabby chic theme going but gonna have to spruce it up this spring with some pavers and more flowers!

    To me having been to several farms to buy it horses, goats, rabbits, or chickens the first thing I notice is the smell (or hopefully lack there of) and next the layout. I've seen some good some bad but when people come to my house be it to visit or buy chicks someday I want them to like the way it's set up...ok and to think it's pretty to:). Getting there slowly but surely.

  2. rirbrahma

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    Oct 25, 2011
    Awesome! Good job & can't wait for pics! [​IMG]
  3. Mahonri

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    My Coop

    Can't wait to see em!

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