new coop for my serama chicks


10 Years
May 24, 2009
Rockvale, TN
Thanks for everyone's comments!

I really need to get some pictures of each on of them standing separate from each other. There is one that I still can't tell if its gonna be a roo or a hen that is a total RUNT! It is still only about 1/2 the size of some of the others.

Its amazing what a few pieces of trim will transform something into. After I finished I didn't like seeing all the staples and edge of the wire. The wood around the door is actually more for functional purposes than looks, but it helps in that respect too.

Quote:Do you have an all white hen?
Also, how does that work now.... breed roo to hen... get a hen offspring with trait you want... inbreed roo back to offspring to lock it in and keep going from there? Seems like I read something to that extent as to how the serama actually originated.

Well, my next step is to come off the backside of the barn and build a run. I might wait until lake weather is gone to do that though.

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