New coop furniture layout


11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
Bancroft, Ontario
My new coop is almost done. (11'x7') I've got the window (thermal) and pop door installed. Screened (1/2" hardware cloth) 4"vent along the ceiling of one side. Two tube coldstart 4' flourescent for lighting in the winter.
Time for the roosts. In past small coops I've stuck them where I could, but now I have a walk-in coop with a 7' insulated flat ceiling. I have radiant heating panels on the wall behind the roost , but how much headroom (above) and tailroom (off the heated wall) should I allow for full sized hens (and one BIG roo)?
I have one 7'-2x4roost planned (they seem to be happy with a 5' roost in their present coop) with a 12"poop board which will be on the wall opposite the vent, window and pop door.


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9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Since you have plenty of room, I would do 18" from the wall and maybe 2' from the ceiling (so 5' off the ground). I've seen people put a little ladder going up to the poop board to make it easier for big heavy chickens to reach the roost. It would also make getting down easier on their legs.

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