New coop in Alberta


7 Years
May 22, 2012

This Spring I finally convinced my parents to construct a chicken coop and allow me my Chicken dream! I have always wanted to raise chickens (laws do not allow me to raise them in my backyard in the city) but my parents have ample space on their acreage. So, we ordered 10 chicks for ourselves, have almost completed the coop, and hope to have them moved in by this coming weekend.
Just when I figure I got this, up comes a new question and I scour many videos and sites, but find BYC to be the most informative site, and am very happy to find a forum where I can find newbies and veterans;) Thanks so much for making this available to me, and I look forward to spending LOTS of time here;)
from Alabama. Glad you joined us.
Welcome to BYC! Good luck with the chickens. This site is a great resource and how luck that your parents are willing to help out with your chicken dreams. Bet they get hooked too. Very cute guinea pig by the way. Enjoy the chickens!

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