New coop is UNDERWAY!!! (pics) (updated 1-24)

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    Ok, as I said in the original post, This is a work in progress..... Our babies will be here around March 1st. Here are the latest pics of our coop in progress... (along with my little helper!) The open area along the front I may leave open. I haven't decided yet if I am going to partially enclose it, leave it open, or make doors that fold up where I can close it if I need to, but have it open for ventilation most of the time. I am a little worried, I was going to use the DLM directly on the ground but I am a little nervous as the ground is REALLY soupy in the coop right now. (it is soupy everywhere, though) I now have it pretty much in the dry so I am going to see what the next rainstorm does as far as water getting in the coop. I may have to go ahead and add a floor or do some drainage work. Gonna just see what happens.... any suggestions are welcome! I still have alot of trim work to do as well as cut in a couple of nice long windows. I will post more pics as we go along........








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    Looks great so far!![​IMG]
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    Well look at you, putting your horse in front of your cart and all...building your coop BEFORE your chickens get I know nothing of dirt floors, but I do know they won't be predator proof unless you're putting wire down there too. Your start looks great!
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    hey fire men i built somthing like that,maybe u already tought of this but,i buried the wire about a foot all around just in case something were to dig. but ur doing great keep posting pics.
  5. Mahonri

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    My Coop
    Are you going to pack down the "dirt floor" so that it's easier to clean?
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    [​IMG] I assume you have checked some of the coop designs......I have found out that I need/want lots of windows (mine have screens so I can open in smmer,close in WI winter) Pop door that can be opened/closed from the outside ( I prefer the slider/guillotine style, attach string and rig so it can be raised/lowered without entering coop), poop boards or pits under the roost area(s), nestboxes that are lower than roost, PEG board in one area to hang small metal feeders from that hold grit and oyster shell, instead of tools I can hang a cat pooper scooper and a scraper and a small broom from. I use the scooper to get poop out of the poop board that has raised edges to hold Stall Dri or Sweet PDZ....use it like a cat litter box, metal scraper/putty knife to get poop off the roost or any hard surface.
    I also found that the roost I built was only used for a while until the chickens figured out to get in the rafters. All roost/rafters should be wide, mine are 4x2. I also had to add a ramp. The original roost (still in there and sometimes used) has a ramp but I had to add another one to go up to the chicken chosen roof. My girls are heavy breeds and I cringed when I saw them jumping down from there....
    Keep the pictures coming, I am sure it will turn out great!!
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    Thanks for the comments! Yes, I will be putting hardware cloth down to completely seal the bottom before putting down the litter. I can't wait! My wife says I am addicted...... she's calls it my "chicken porn"!!

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    I have one like it and after i put down the wire i topped mine with 3/4 " dust packed down hard. I then added about 6" of shaving on top of that, and it has worked great. You r going to love your new coop, have fun. [​IMG]
  9. purpletree23

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    May 15, 2009
    I love your 'coop in progress'! One suggestion. Cover the ventilation holes near the top with hardware cloth and not chicken wire. Racoons can tear through chicken wire like it's cotton candy. On my ventilation holes and windows I covered everything with the hardware cloth and stapled it in place BUT I cut each piece too big (approx 1 inch each side) so I could turn the cut, sharp, jagged sides outward. If anything tries to get in they will really cut themselves up.

    I would also highly recommend a solar shed light and a heater called a sweeter heater. The sweeter heater is the best think I've purchased in years. It is very safe, very cleanable and It kept my girls coop warm enough when the temps here were -22degrees. It wasn't warm enough to keep the water from freezing but believe me it was cozy.

    Good luck with the coop. Makes me want to build a bigger one. I have an awful case of chicken fever and from what I've heard it incurable. Oh well![​IMG]
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    Looks great!!! I sure can't tell that this is the first time you've built anything. As has already been mentioned, use hardware cloth over the ventilation openings and secure it well. Seems everything in the wild eats chicken and will go to great lengths to get to it. Can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck!!!

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