New Coop: Looking for new ideas or any advice!

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  1. savery

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    Feb 3, 2013
    My husband and I just bought a small hobby farm and where excited to add chickens to the family. The house we bought came with a small coop and this spring we are going to build a very large coop. It will be about 10ft wide by 20 ft long with a large enclosed garden with a pond that the chickens can roam. We have a basic idea of the design and have done alot of research to make sure it is the best for our chcikens but we would love to hear some helpful advice or ideas.

    If you where to build a new chicken coop what would you do? Any fun gadgets or ideas? What would you put in a chicken garden? The coop will also be housing my 4 peafowl that are currenlty in with my hens...any advice on a coop for peafowls?

    Any info will help Thanks!

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