New coop, made from old dog pen

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    I recently made a new chicken coop for my backyard, with some scrap wood from an old deck, and an old dog pen.

    The dog pen is approx. 8' x 12', and I tried to figure out a way to integrate some sort of coop, with a couple of nests and a roost, without cutting a hole in the fencing, like a separate coop and run. I had already made a slant roof for the pen, with some sheet metal roofing and some old timbers - so I opted to come up with a way to put the nests and roost inside the pen, while still taking advantage of the footprint of the pen for run space.

    I took some 1x6 planks and made an L-shaped nook in one corner, where combined with the roofing, would make a nice shady area for the nests - plus provide protection from the winds that predominately blow from that direction. The wood was faded, so it has that rustic old-barn look to it [​IMG]


    I made a roost ladder out of some 1" pipe and some treated wood - this leans up against the fencing on the interior of the pen. The nests are made from old plastic milk crates - I have them attached to the fence as well - they are about chest-height. The birds access them from the roost ladder...



    So far, the hens love the roost and new nests...they found them very quickly and have been laying in them since moving in to the new coop.

    This will be the way the coop will be kept for the summer - when cooler weather comes, I will use a tarp to close in the open sides to keep the cold winds from blowing through. I also made the wood sides easy to remove, so I can move the coop with little effort.
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    Love it - great job!!!
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    Nice! You shouldn't have any real problem where cold is concern being in Charleston. They really let you have chickens in Charleston??!! Geez now I'm drooling for "A.W. Shucks" [​IMG]

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