New coop - nearly done!!!!! *Pic heavy!*

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  1. This is my newest coop - and it started off as a large rabbit hutch that used to house a pair of 8 lb 'mini' lop rabbits lol.

    its dimensions are roughly 68" wide (5.5 ft) by 32" wide by 32" tall and I think its standing 22-24" inches off the ground at the moment, but I'm planning to knock it down another 6" probably tomorrow.

    I'll have to update a new picture tomorrow with the roof - shingles on it as I got rained out today before I could take pictures. lol.

    Early on - you can see the simple frame - the cage was all wire but a box on the end - 3 sides enclosed the rest chicken wire on sides and hardware cloth on the floor...So I tore everything off of it - and sided it with wooden shelving boards we had in the shed going unused. [​IMG] - yes I recycled/reused. - lol.


    Friday :

    The regular door will be where I place a ramp - and the drop down door on the other side of the front is for easy access to cleaning. I will eventually add 1-2 external nesting boxes to the side by the reglar door.

    Total cost out of pocket to doing this coop : 7$ ( box of screws and one of the door handles) - everything else we've had on hand already or I got from my friend (the roof shingles - not picture [​IMG] )

    What do you guys think? This will be home to a few of my adolescent silkies eventually - but first it will be a brooder for my mama silkie and her hopefully a bunch of mille fleur d'uccle chicks [​IMG] due to hatch August 6th.
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    Looking good!!

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