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New Coop New Chickens - no one is laying

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Rooster Don, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Rooster Don

    Rooster Don Out Of The Brooder

    We got our new coop last Wednesday (love it) and I first put in a hen and rooster light sussex, then the next day added a polish, red sex link, rhode island red, and americauna. The hen is 8 months and has never laid, the americauna and rhode island red are supposed to be layers, but no one has laid. Do they just need time to get used to their new home?

    The rooster has never crowed but he is such a protector. At dusk they all actually go up the gang plank to roost for the night, and for the last two nights the rooster will sit with his butt in the roost and half his body and head outside the door obviously watching for predators and protecting his ladies. We have a fully enclosed fence around the housed roost but still, he is protecting those ladies of his.

    We will keep them in the pen for at least one week, probably waiting till Saturday to let them out and free range.

    Any helpful hints on when they should lay, letting them free range, etc??? I am feeding the laying feed and they love table scraps. They are very happy. The hen sussex is quite the bully but not too bad. They get along just fine when they all go to roost for the night.


  2. WillowChick

    WillowChick Chillin' With My Peeps

    Do they have a nest box? If they do, are they comfortable in it? The box should be 12x12x12 ish and have straw or shavings in it.

    You can throw in a couple of golf balls to get them interested.

    If all this has been done, they might just need some time to settle in. Even if they had been laying, they would likely take a few days to start again in any new place.

    Good luck!

  3. WillowChick

    WillowChick Chillin' With My Peeps

    Do you have pictures of your hens and your setup? That would be helpful too!
  4. Rooster Don

    Rooster Don Out Of The Brooder

    Thanks Willow. Yes, three nesting boxes that size, and we have the fake eggs designed for what you said. They have nosed around the boxes, but have not laid yet, so I guess no reason to get in the box yet.

    Thank you for your response. RD.
  5. Rooster Don

    Rooster Don Out Of The Brooder

    how do i post them? do i post them to this thread, or a photo page? I am new to BYC.
  6. Rooster Don

    Rooster Don Out Of The Brooder

    Okay, I uploaded photo's. I guess they are at the place where everyone's photos go. :)
  7. WillowChick

    WillowChick Chillin' With My Peeps

    Those photos will be on your profile, if you want to post photos to this thread, hit "reply" below, then where you type, there is a little picture next to the arrows at the top of the box. Click the icon, the upload your photos. If you hover your mouse over the icons long enough, it will say what they are.

  8. Rooster Don

    Rooster Don Out Of The Brooder

  9. WillowChick

    WillowChick Chillin' With My Peeps

    Yay! You found it :)

    Lovely birds, and nice setup! Is it moveable?

    I would say they just need some time to adjust. You might want to check out this thread, there are some great people on it in the same situation as you!

    a couple thousand posts on it, pay no attention to the overly specific title, it's where all of us can commiserate about our uncooperative chickens ;)

    One thing I would suggest from your pictures is that you raise the waterer high enough that it can't be pooped in. It looks like it's under tail level in the pics. The cleaner you can keep the water, the healthier you can keep your birds! (and even banties can stretch pretty high!)

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  10. Rooster Don

    Rooster Don Out Of The Brooder

    Thanks Willow. It was supposed to be moveable and I ordered the wheels and handle but was told after delivery that it is too long. I am going to add my own dang wheels now. :) Great advice on the water. No pooping yet, but I will raise it.

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