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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
We will be building a new coop starting next month, we think. Here is our idea! Suggestions welcome, I will happily take them.

Either 10 x 10 or 10 x 12. When all of the new and old chickens first move in, it will be one big coop that isn't divided. For that, I would like three sets of roosts along the back wall with poop boards under them, and I would like small door to pull out the poop boards from the back. Nest boxes on the left wall- seven of them. Feed and water in the middle. Ventilation will be on all four walls around the top, and won't be able to be closed, and covered with hardware cloth. I'm thinking about a foot and a half high.

After the chickens are all used to each other, I would like to divide it into three pens- each being 4 x 10 if the whole coop is 12 x 10, or the pen on the right being 4 x 10 and the rest being 3 x 10 if the total is 10 x 10. One pen for assorted layers, one for Ameraucanas (Blue Splash and Lav) and one for Delawares.

Each pen will have nest boxes from MPC- the pen on the right having three and the rest having two. Roosts along the back. Large plastic hanging feeders and waterers on the left side, for when we're out of town and they have to stay penned up. I would also like a broody pen in each one, under the roosts- that will just be dog crate sized and secured with chicken wire.

I hope to have a pop door in each pen leading to a large run where they're all together- however I would like to be able to divide the runs when I need to take photos of certain breeds for our website. The run will be secured with welded wire, and wood stakes. I think that the welded wire is six feet tall.

The human door will be in the center of the front of the building, and I would like rows of windows with glass and hardware cloth on both sides of the door coop, and two in the back, also with glass and hardware cloth. The whole coop will be painted blue with white trim to match our smaller coop. I won't paint the walls, but will paint the coop floor red (though it won't be shown except when cleaning the shavings).

What do you think? Thank you. I will open another thread of progression when we begin construction, hopefully next month.

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Wow, that sounds both nice and complicated. How many chickens do you have? Do you think they will be in the run all day together and then seperate at night time to their own pens? Also, if you seperate the breeds, will you have a rooster per breed? And if you do, won't the roosters fight each other in the common run area or mate with the other breeds? Also, why would you let them grow up together and get used to each other if your going to seperate them in the long run?

I'm still new here and I think about seperating my coop and run, but I think I would have to seperate them and keep them seperated all the time.
No roosters, I just think that breeds together is real eye candy. Hopefully they'll know where to roost, since I'll keep them in their pens when they're first put up, but if not than I'll just have to put them where they're supposed to be, I guess. Thanks!

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