April and Andy

May 13, 2020
Hello Everyone! Two ducks incoming next spring, starting preperations now.
I have a few questions!
1. Is 13'x10' big enough of a run for 2 ducks, it would include their 2x6 hutch, and a 4x4 pool, as their 'run' will be their place all day. When we are home they will be free range in the yard, but both work all day, so only when were home and able to supervise. The run will be lined entirely with hardwire cloth as well as a skirt around with hardwire, and a hardwire roof, 7' tall.

2. What filtration set up do you guys have set up in your duck pools / how do you refill? I would like to avoid dumping and refilling every day. If not a filtration system, what do you do for easy water refill?

3. Anyone here use river rocks under soft bedding in their run for easy cleanup? Saw it on Facebook and am considering it.

Can I see your coops?!
TIA! :highfive: :fl


9 Years
Aug 6, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Ducks don't need a coop. They lay their eggs everywhere and anywhere. So I'd save the space unless your in a very cold area or have a high predator load. A 10×13 space would be big enough. Do you plan to let them out to roam around? If so I'd suggest no pool inside the run because it will be soaked with a day. My pool was on the outside of the run and the ducks had a deep bucket to keep their nares cleaned out.
You cam buy plastic pools with a plug. I had one for draining. Or you can hook the drain hole to a hose and drain the water to plants

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