New coup Started New Years day ...

I am JEALOUS! I have been trying to get a coop built for months! We are suppose to start on ours begining of Febuary.

Well what a nice start you have there!
Looking forward to seeing your progress and the happy chickens.
Nice job.
gg, the coolest thing I have used so far is an Air Nailer for the 1/4"X11/4" staples on the 1/2" X 19ga wire mesh , YEAH BABY, I'm 61 2"X4"X8' ers , 3 sheets of 1/2" CDX , 5 sheets of 3/4" CDX for box/egg box and coup door.
I will need a few more 2X4s to frame the man door and the inside of the coup door.

I kind of copied a house that a family did in Kansas , it's in the medium coup pictures. We plan to have 5 or 6 birds.

I do have to get some 1"X4" to cover the wire on each stud to help hold the wire in place and help dress it up.

Did use Deck sealer/stain on ALL sides of ALL wood used, we pre coated the wood pryer to any cuts then touched up the cuts when cut to size.

P.S. I love my 12" Dewalt chop saw and the work horse stand its on.
City Chicks, Thanks , ALL my ideas came from BYC, you guys are AWESOME.

Digging the footing for the cinder blocks was FUN in our red rocky soil , hope it keeps the critters out.
WOW, that's fast!. And it's a nice looking coop! I've been working on mine since October and I'm still not done. I bet you things done right the first time. I've never built a coop before so, I have a lot of back tracks and revisions. I think the most annoying thing was installing latches upside down (so dah!).
Joan, I have been lucky, I have 2 friends that come help and that speeds things up real fast . So far we have 4 days in for construction . Egg box is next then slider door then Man door and coup door.
Need to hit the lumber store again Monday , this thing eats 2"X4"s faster than **** though a Goose . LOL

I figure I will have about $700.00 in it when done and it's funny , it seems like when I buy something some one will go ..." Hey , I have that and you can have it " or " Joe Bob has some of that real cheap."

So I guess what I'm trying to say is be patient and plan ahead for your materials.
FYI, it takes 22 8"X8"X16" cinder blocks and the same in Cap stones to make a 5' X 10' footing and all of my studs are doubled 2" X 4"s , seal plate is pressure treated .
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The costs add up fast, don't they? I'm using old fence wood, and left over house paint, so that has saved some money. But, it seems like I spend 30 to 100 bucks at home depot or Lowe's 1-2x/week. I've used 5 or 6 rolls of hardware cloth. The screws, nuts and bolts, washers, hog rings, latches, fence pipe, cattle panels and sheet metal plates all cost money. I refuse to add it all up. I don't want to know.

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