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    May 16, 2011
    As you can see by my posts we are brand new to the chicken family. It's been pretty neat so far. Kids are about 6 weeks old, 7 maybe. We have 10 bantams and I have been posting a few pictures to see if anyone can help me with the breed. So, we have 3 white silkies, 2 porcelain d'uccles, and the other 5 are in the Old English category. Still waiting to hear help on them. But, here is a picture of their first day outside in the sun! Coop is in the process of being built since we want to make sure and do it right the first time!!! Glad to be here and visit with everyone!

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    Feb 4, 2011
    SE Idaho
    Awww! They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and [​IMG]
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    May 9, 2011
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    All right the 3 on the right of the pic are Golden Sebrights.Show some better pics of the other chicks.And they are all very prety [​IMG]!!!Oh It just came to me the other 2 are Partridge Wyandotte.
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