New dog food passed the taste test


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Lugoff, SC
I have been feeding my dogs 4-Health for a while and the dogs have done really well on it. Well, I decided that I wanted to improve on that a bit so I switched them to Taste Of The Wild. Since it's always a good idea to introduce any new food slowly, I mixed a bowl up for the chihuahuas that was probably 50/50 of each. The chihuahuas get free choice and have always maintained a perfect body weight. Well, that day when I got home from work I checked their bowl and found all of the 4-health scattered around in front of the bowl and most of the Taste Of The Wild GONE!! Those little doggies picked though their bowl and ate all the good stuff! So much for slowly introducing the new food! I really can't say I blame them though....that new food smells really delicious!
I got the game bird one (I think that's what it's called). It smells like a roasted turkey. How do they make this stuff smell so good?
Thats what I have been feeding for a while now and all five of mine are doing wonderful on it....cant get my cats to touch the cat version....they want the cheap stuff
I feed the dogs the lamb one in the purple bag.
I used to feed TOTW too! Great kibble. My animals did wonderfully on it but I ended up switching over to Solid Gold barking at the moon due to higher protein. Gotta love good kibble!
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