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Apr 17, 2009
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hi I posted earlier trying to adopt a dog but thanks to CoopCrazy I found one and me and my brother went to go get it and now it is whining and it wont stop when I put it in the cage and I dont know what I can do to stop it from whining at night so we can get some sleep can anyone please help I am real tired but has to do some work around the house and so I am trying to get the dog to stop whining
Play a radio, Give him a stuffed animal. Last resort "Ear plugs" Puppies miss thier siblings and are at a new place they will naturally cry a bit.
silly put him in bed with you and snuggle, just kidding start that and it will never stop.
unfortunately it might just take a few nights of ear plugs. oh and make sure you don't give too much water before bed.he'll try not to wet his den but he won't be comfy holding it for too long.If you could get a cloth from his original owners with mommy's scent on it that might help.
thanks everyone but the ex owner said to just not worry that he knows when to be quiet at night and that he gets used to new places in a day or so
I am soooo soooo sorry marytoast and others but my camera is currently not working but maybe I can use my brothers phone nolater than tomorrow afternoonand when I say afternoon I mean like around 2-3 p.m. sorry about the wait but I can describe him hes almost white with black splotches on his ears and eyes
With all due respect, are you ready for a dog? This is what you should expect from him for awhile, and depending if he was crate trained, it may take a long time to break him if you ever do. You posted just yesterday looking for a dog, right? Thats a mighty short time to go from dogless to parent. Alot of things should be addressed prior to taking ownership of an animal.
Either way, good luck with the new pooch. With a little time all should work out.
Are you kenneling him? That's what we did. The best thing you can do is the first couple of nights, wear him out for a couple of hours before he goes to bed. Play with him, run him, swim with him, whatever. Puppies wear out pretty quickly. We walk a mile and a half- four miles every night, so we would just walk and walk and they generally had to be carried. After the first couple of nights they just started thinking of the kennel as 'nap time'!!! And everytime we say "Kennel" They curl up and go to sleep.
boondachs I would never buy a living breathing thing without research and plus my brother helps with the vet so that is his job though so all is well and luckily he is actually sleeping right now likea regular dog should

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