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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by heavenlyducks, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Mar 15, 2017
    I posted this in New but thought I should post in the duck part. I may not be very good at this forum thing. Lol
    I've been doing a lot of research and I found this forum to be very helpful. I live in the city with neighbors on both sides of me. I checked our ordinance which allows small flock of domesticated ducks. I am looking at getting no more then three ducks for pets, eggs and weed control. I have a small grassy area about 2500 square feet that is totally organic Kentucky blue grass no weed killer or fertilizer ever! I hand weed dandelions. Is it unrealistic to think the ducks will help keep dandelions down? Also will ducks be good for my grass or kill it if let to forage daily? I'm hoping that's a big enough area for three ducks that they will be a benefit and not kill the grass. I have a six foot fence completely secure. I realize I will need to pick a none flying breed. Best quiet, sweet, pet breeds? I also have a covered dog kennel that I can convert into a duck enclosure at night with a duck house. I'm prepared for them to trample grass in small duck enclosure. I plan to get day old or couple day old ducklings in hopes of imprinting. I work from home so I have all the time. Should I get one duck at a time for imprinting? I would worry at night they would be lonely. If you raise just one duckling at a time what do you do when you have to leave them? With puppies it is ok to leave them in a small safe enclosure for short periods of time alone. Would a duckling be similar? I realize ducks are flock animals as dogs are pack animals. They do better in pairs. Would two or three imprint? Suggestions here? And yes I have dogs and realize I will need to be very careful. However my Chihuahuas are all elderly and have lost their teeth sad.png And my golden retriever also a senior will not be left unattended in presence of ducks. I ordered the duckling diaper package from the mother goose website. I've read on here some people use duck diapers on their pets. Hopefully this will make imprinting cleaner smile.png I would love to just get one at a time but not sure if people have success with this. Any suggestions thoughts welcomed.
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    Apr 8, 2013
    I already answered in another area of BYC but I am glad you are checking out the Duck forum for more information.
  3. Welcome...;)

    I would advise against getting a single Duckling......They need company......I had Bouncer in my House alone till he was 5 weeks old....Not planned that way...I hatched out more Ducklings for him....He was terrified of the Ducklings at first and needed constant care....My little Dog Lucy was his constant companion... Bouncer now lives out in the big brooder in my garage with his siblings and all is going great.....I would get three and they all will imprint on people if you spend time with them...The bonus is they wont cry when left alone..... I never used duck diapers..Paper towel and wet wipes were my best friends...;).........

    Enjoy the Ducklings.....

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    I would definatly not get one at a time. Ducks do far far better in pairs or more.
    Trust me if you have that much time , it doesnt matter how many ducks you have you can spend enough time for them to really like you and not be scared of you.
    I have 13, of which 10- are 1 1/2 week old, and 3 that are a little over 2 weeks old.
    They come running to me, and all eat treats out of my hand. They crawl all over my legs and many sleep on my lap.
    Imprinting on a human can be confusing for a duck. They need to be raised with their own kind. That way they can get along with other ducks.
    Unless you can be home 24/7 your duckling will not be happy. And it will be lonely and noisy at night. Its very stressful for them to be alone. Puppies and dogs are fine alone for periods, but they are much more independent .
    And as for the yard, i dont think 3 ducks will harm your grass too much, they dont dig like chickens. But they do use their bill to make tiny holes in the dirt/ground. Mine ate dandelions, but only the ones i picked for them and tossed in the water bowl. They didnt go around eating them by themselves. but maybe thats just how mine were.
    Yes thats good you wont let the dogs with the ducks. Teeth or not if they agressive they can easily kill a tiny duckling.
    Do you have a place for a small pool/ pond. Its really important for them to get in a good swim to clean their whole body and feathers. And keep their feathers waterproof and healthy.
    Most domestic breeds cannot fly, so that should be easy for you to find a non flying breed.
    And many breeds are good egg layers.
    I just got indian runner ducklings and khaki campbells for eggs this time:)
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    Mar 15, 2017
    Thank you everyone. I figured get at least two was more fair to the duckling I'm convinced to get at least two maybe of different breeds for fun :)
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