New Duck Coop - A Sister Shows Her Older Brother How Its Done!


7 Years
Feb 28, 2013
NW Hills of CT
My sister and I have raised mallard ducks for several years. My coop below at my farm has been completed for a few years, and my sister decided to take the lessons I learned and apply them all to her new coop at her house.

My sister decided to go with a Key West theme, even though we live in CT. The basics are done, and she still has gingerbread trim, flower boxes, picket fence and other details to go. Here's the progress so far. Ducks should be moving in sometime this week.

You can see the cleanout door above, framed in white. Open it up and shovel the dirty hay outside. The open space at the top is for a ventilation window.

A used shower base will keep the waters from flooding the pen, and if you close the ball valve on the drain, you can turn it into a duck splash pool! 6000 lbs of sand makes for great drainage! The fence in the pen is double layered - 1/2" hardware wire on the inside and 2"x4" field fence on the outside.

Interior walls go on next. Coop is fully insulated and complete with lights and plugs. Two sides have ventilation windows that can me opened and closed to control humidity, especially in winter.

More pics to come once it is complete.
That is slick..... and beautiful.
Love the line of windows under the eaves.
Water/splash pool is great...ball valve outside?

But I wonder about that sand tho.....not a sand floor fan here.
Will drain water, yes, but hold pulverized poop forever.

Look forward to seeing the rest of this gorgeous structure progress.

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