New duck momma


Mar 15, 2018
Hello, My name is Kasey, or Squid!
I have 2 new ducklings. One is a pekin and the other I'm honestly not sure.
I also have 3 daughters, and a couple of dogs. :)
I love gardening and wanted a couple of ducks to eat the bugs and slugs so I dont have to use any kind of repellents. They are the sweetest little babies and the family is in love. Even my husband haha! He cuddles them while I clean up. I hope to learn a lot here and keep them happy!
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Welcome to Backyard chickens!

Ducklings are very cute
Hahaha. I have been obsessed with squids since I was a teen. Just always thought they were super cool! They are very smart and mysterious lol
Was just curious, as a degreed Marine Biologist, I've worked with them...they are extremely intelligent and very much a predator. I have a really cool pic of 5 of them all lined up, taking a gander at me, on the reef around Johnston Atoll. :D

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