New duck mommy!


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Mar 22, 2019
Guess who is a new ducky mama?
I'm sure most won't know my back story so I will give a brief explanation.
I raise chickens, love my chickens. I also love duckies, but as a love to see them not own them.
So now my story begins. My daughter works for TSC and on occasion would find injured chicks and a duckling before. She LOVES animals and rescues them as a passion. So I get a call from her while she was still at work saying she found a blind duckling while cleaning the tanks for the night. She begged me to take it, as she had just taken a chick home that someone set the water container on it's leg pinning it.

Here we go....
I told here to drop it off after work and I will raise it. Once she dropped him off it became apparent that there was something wrong with it's hips. He was very clumsy and would walk on his own feet all the time. His hips stuck out from his body, which anyone could tell wasn't normal.
Ok back story getting long lol! So 4 days later we get our little Moon a companion, Cocoa (kahki duckling).


Life goes on, both grow very fast! Well three nights ago I went to put the ducks in the coop and Moon could not get up! His left leg wasn't working, he wouldn't straighten it to stand. For 2 days I cried trying to find someone to help save him (it was Friday night when it happened). I was devastated that the only option for me (I am on medical leave too) was to have him put to sleep Monday. Moon and my prayers were answered when someone recommended me to contact Plymouth Duck Rescue and Sanctuary. They agreed to take him and try to save him! We dropped him off yesterday and he is doing very well, living it up indoors.

Second world problem!!! My poor boy Cocoa has no clue what has happened to his buddy. He is doing good out with my girls (pullets) I am/have monitored them all day and he has his pool which he's been playing in all day.

Now to being a new momma. I put out a plea for anyone in my area that had a duckling that I could pair up with Cocoa. A wonderful lady meet me with 4 beautiful babies and was letting us pick one out for free!!! Guess who couldn't pick just one!!!
I have officially turned into a ducky owning lover lol.


End of story, I promise!!!
Thanks for reading....

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