New duck mommy :)


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6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
My fiance and I are new duckling parents. We have 2 Pekins, 4 Rouen and are expecting 4 silver Appleyards any day now.
Can we please get some ideas for an outside space? Please
We leave on 5 acres and would like to include a small pond for them to play in. We keep going back and forth with ideas: size, nesting areas, grass area, etc... I've read so many books, articles and we want to make it just right. Another thing, we live in MI, so we can be known to get cold winters. How do you winter folks take care of your ducks?
Any help, pictures would be great a huge help!

Thanks and hope to get to know some other duck parents


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Jul 17, 2011
North Central Kansas
Greetings from Kansas, GalleysAngel, and
! Great to have you with us! Baby ducks are thrilling! A pond is a good idea...are you talking about an excavated pond or...? Ducks can rapidly trash the grounds around their water with their incessant hole boring into the soft ground. So, if you have a ready made pond that is awesome. If not you can get by with something as simple as a kiddie pool. You might post your cold weather question in the MN thread in the link below. Also, visit the duck forum! Good luck with your quackers!

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