new duck, what am I?


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Nov 4, 2008
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Picked this duck up today, someone had to rehome it and i decided to take it. I have no idea what kind of duck it is or if its just a mutt. The owner said it is about 3 -4 months old, but it seems awfully big for that, also, is it just me or is its tail extra long?

I think its a drake as some of the black feathers have green in them. Let me know if that's a false assumption. This is my first duck ever!
good to know, so its a he for sure and probably a Muscovy. Now, do I need to worry about him molesting my chickens when he gets older?
Muscovy & a mighty pretty drakelet at that. Very nice duclair pied. He may be a bit younger than 3/4 mo. His flight feathers aren't all the way in. By four months he would have more caruncles on his face and would start hissing instead of peeping. Scovy drakes get big!

Check out the "Muscoy Keepers share your pic's" thread on pg 2 right now and see what you think.
With winter coming he should be o.k. with the Chooks. Scovys generally are seasonal breeders. My drake never bothered the chooks, didn't even bother his girls till spring arrived.
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Thanks everyone. I'm guessing the clues to drake are the red already on the beak and the big feet? I'm going to keep him with my chickens until he causes trouble. I'm guessing he and the little roos I have might stir it up a little come spring time. I was hoping for a girl as it would be less trouble, but we'll figure it out.
My guess the bird is around two months old. The flight feathers are still developing. I slaughter muscovies at twelve weeks, and they are fully feathered at that time. Also, pin feathers are minimal at that time.

I'm lousy at guessing the sex unless I can compare them in a group of the same age. The feet don't look overly big, and might indicate a female. His face looks possibly masculine though. Anyway, I'm lousy at sexing young muscovies unless I have others to compare it to. I do believe that bird is less than twelve weeks old, though.
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