New duckling *pics*


11 Years
May 20, 2008
Chambersburg, Pa.
My Silkies hatched my test duck egg, yay
I say Silkie(s) because they all take turns stealing the nests from each other, so I have no clue who is really the mommy lol.

Another BYC'er gave me a pair of ducks that needed a new home...a Magpie and a Muscovy.

After I saw them mating lately, I took 2 of the Muscovies eggs and put them in the incubator. One developed and one didn't. I was hoping maybe my broodie Silkies would have a better chance of hatching the 1 egg, so I put it in a nest with some other eggs for them to hatch. Today the duckling hatched!! The Muscovy is sitting on some Swedish and some of her eggs, so maybe this little cutie will have some siblings soon



My understanding is because the father isn't a Muscovy also that this duckling is a mule right? If its a female it will still lay eggs, but they won't hatch even if she's being mated, right?
Darling duckie! Congratulations on your new arrival.

I got my first baby duck today, too.
It is soooo amazing to see these sweet little ones, isn't it?

I love the coloring on yours. My first one is just yellow, though it hasn't fluffed up yet, and I think it might have a bit of brown tinge to the fluff. I want a black and yellow one like yours. Sooo cute.
Thanks! This one seems much sweeter than my Swedish ducklings do. I hope it ends up friendly and a girl!!!

I had one of those little yellow ones, now a few weeks later it is a huge white one lol.

I would think this one should end up white with maybe some black spots, but not sure.

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