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Jun 9, 2015
Petaluma, CA
We did it, we converted an old playhouse, built a run, bought chicks and now we are finally getting some really good eggs! We live in Petaluma, CA, my wife is from Florida and I grew up in Alaska. We started with 5 chicks from the local feed store, one of the 3 Easter eggers turned out to be a rooster, so had to re-home him. His last day with us started with some awful sounding squawks at 615 AM until 7. He was gone by 10 much to my neighbors delight! I took him back to the feed store and they had him sold in only a couple of minutes. I picked up a RIR and a barred rock at that time and after 6 weeks or so of getting their butts kicked by our originals, they were accepted into the flock. The RIR started laying in October, the barred rock dropped her first in November, one of the buff's started early December and now as of today we are getting 4 brown and 1 blue/green egg a day! Only two freeloaders at the moment, but they should be contributing soon. We let our hens free range almost every day, they get plenty tomato's from the garden during that season, and lots of produce and scraps. I uploaded some photos of the coop/run, the birds, a cool work photo or two and of course some pics of the eggs! If someone came up to me when I was in High School and told me that one day I would be raising chickens and posting photos of them on a website specifically for backyard chicken owners, I would have laughed at them.
I think you can access the photos I uploaded, let me know what you think! Cheers!

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we are glad to have you.

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