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New Egg in Town

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Willowwind, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Willowwind

    Willowwind New Egg

    Aug 17, 2013
    Finally after 3 years of waiting, I put my foot down and said, "this is the year and if anyone doesn't like it, they can move out." I had my best friend's son use everything I had in the scrap piles and rafters, hardware from the bins, to put together my hen house. Just about everything is recycled, including the chickens. Shortly after Molly Brown, Amelia Pond, Alabama Twirlybird and Sassy Lassie made themselves at home, 2 more came to move in, Luna MoonSpeckles and Rosemary (Rosie). We had a few problems at first with Rosie getting picked on, so she came out of the run and into the yard with me. This suited me and her just fine, but I continued to put her in the run most of the time. No eggs just yet, it is too hot I think, 100+ and the first 4 of them are only 4 months old.

    They get lots of ice water jugs and cold fruit and anything left over from the garden. The last couple of days the temp has dropped into the 90's so the girls are out in the yard foraging. They are like babies who have tasted real food for the first time, they hardly eat the layers pellets if they don't have to.

    The girls are a great source of entertainment as well as calming. We have a few lawn chairs and a little drink stand under the tree where we watch them.

    Will post pics later!
  2. sumi

    sumi Égalité Staff Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    Rep of Ireland
    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] Love the names!
  3. drumstick diva

    drumstick diva Still crazy after all these years. Premium Member

    Aug 26, 2009
    Out to pasture
    [​IMG] we thought we were done with the hot temps but, alas 90's are forecast for the next few days -[​IMG]
  4. Webechickens

    Webechickens Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 1, 2013
    East Central Indiana
    Hello from east central Indiana!
  5. 1muttsfan

    1muttsfan Overrun With Chickens

    Mar 26, 2011
    Upper Peninsula Michigan
    Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan [​IMG]

    We are thankfully experiencing temps into the 70's- 80's again - first few weeks of August we had highs in the upper 60's, which was just WRONG.
  6. redsoxs

    redsoxs Chicken Obsessed

    Jul 17, 2011
    North Central Kansas
    Greetings from Kansas, Willowwind, and [​IMG]! Happy you joined our community!

    Mr MKK FARMS Chicken Obsessed Premium Member

    Sep 27, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]

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