NEW EGG LAYING HEN! But... which hen??


Sep 8, 2020
St. Louis, Missouri
Hi! Today was a very exciting day because it was our first day we have ever gotten more than one egg! We have 6 pullet hens above laying age. My speckled Sussex and silkiexbrahma were the only two laying, but today not only did I find two eggs in the boxes, one was a lot darker than any eggs we have gotten before. So exciting... but I have no idea which girl layed it! It could be my bielefelder, polish candy corn, Rhode Island Red, or my other silkiexbrahma. Here is a picture of the new dark egg compared to one of my speckled sussex eggs. I’m thinking the new one may be from either my Bielefelder or my RIR. What do you think?
Which ones have the reddest combs? Do any of them do a funny little squat and stick their wings out when you try to pick them up? (Known as an egg squat) these happen when they’re laying eggs or about to.
They both seem to have evenly red/big combs, and neither are really squatting, although the RIR is completely mental so I never know with her.
I’m not sure if RIRs lay that dark of a brown though?

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