New Eggs! New Eggs!

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    I was half asleep when I gathered early eggs this morning. Hmm, I thought... Bernadette (Cuckoo Marans) is laying again. Nice dark egg. *yawn* And I put it and the white one laid in the same nest box into the fridge with the rest o' the eggs.

    A few hours later, I checked the "Alternate Hidden Nest" - which is a covered cat litter box I filled with pine shavings and left on the back porch for any sneaky pullets who might want to lay someplace other than a nest box in the coops. And it's been working!

    Two eggs in there, the usual from one of the Lakenvelders (the other lays in the nestbox) and a nice green one from Rebecca. For the past three days. And one from the SLW and the BSL, Lacey and Greta, respectively.

    Just a few minutes ago, I glanced in the "Alternate Hidden Nest" and by golly, looks like an egg is half buried in the pine shavings back there. Humming, I reached in and picked it up - it was a banty egg!! It's got to be Ellen's! She's 18 weeks old now, maybe 19 weeks; the other bantam pullet anywhere near her age is only 13 weeks old. And Ellen did sort of squat for me yesterday... Ellen is a lavender cochin and Lola, the younger bantam pullet, is a black cochin.

    So I rushed into the house with it to put it in the egg flat in the fridge and suddenly noticed that dark egg I'd put in there earlier was REALLY dark. Double-checking it, I now realize Shirley the Welsummer has started laying! And *embarrassed expression* there's another one in the egg flat! TWO days she's been laying!! And Ellen, today!!!!


    Rhoda, the RIR and Betsy, the BR are next, as they're the same age as Ellen and Shirley.

    Here's the size and color comparison to one of Rebecca's green eggs and one of Minerva or Millicent's eggs.

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  2. Happy Chooks

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    [​IMG] Congrats!!!!! I love first eggs, it's so exciting! I now have both my BCM's laying and 2 Ameraucana's. Only 2 more Ameraucana's to go, then everyone that is "of age" is laying.
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    That is so exciting! I cannot wait for my first eggs! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Lotsapaints

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    How eggciting [​IMG] I got my first 2 today also my CMarans started at 20 weeks I'm waiting on my Dellies and my Partridge Rocks they are all 20 weeks soon I should be swimming in eggs

  5. clacasse88

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    I love the "alternative hidden nest" idea. Where did you decide to put it? I only have 2 laying hens and close to 2 dozen soon-to-be egglayers. I let them freerange and am afraid now that it's getting that time for them to start laying that I should stop letting them freerange. They do have a local hangout, should I try to place that hidden nest near there? Do you have a picture that you could post? I'd love to see it. Thanks.

    Congrats! It's soo exciting. I can't wait!
  6. FourPawz

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    I'm thinking about using a covered cat box to replace the open nest box. Seems like it would be very attractive to the girlies.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] How eggciting!!!! congrats on the beautiful eggs. Our girls are just starting to lay too and everyday is like an easter egg hunt. We got our first mint green egg yesterday and we were super excited about that!!!! Your dark chocolate eggs are beautiful! Is your Cuckoo Marans a hatchery bird or breeder??? Just wondering because we have hatcher Cuckoo Marans and I'm wondering how dark their eggs will be (knowing that they won't be as dark as a breeder Marans)

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