New England Bantam Club Spring Show?

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  1. nclayton29

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    Apr 6, 2009
    Does anyone know if NEBC is going to have a spring show this year? I went to their website, but it was down. I know membership was decreasing, did they fall out of existance? Thanks for any infor you can provide.

  2. GardenerGal

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    Dec 20, 2008
    According to a 1-page newsletter I got in Februrary, the Club is hoping to have a show but as of the newsletter printing (January) a date hadn't been decided. The Armory where they usually hold it wasn't available the first week of May, then the 2nd week is Mother's Day (you don't mess with Mother's Day, though I think a poultry show is a great way to spend it [​IMG] ), and the 3rd week there's a show in Connecticut that would conflict. Don said he would look at the last weekend in April, but I don't know how that ended up.

    They had a meeting in January to discuss the future of the organization, and to single out and address the biggest problems. They are losing members after having built up a healthy membership that almost matched the Club's early days. One of the reasons the meeting addressed is the focusing of Club activities on the South Shore and west-central areas of Mass., which makes it difficult for members who live on the North Shore (a considerable number of people on the NS are/were members) and other distant communities.

    Also, they complained about having a few people doing the most of the work for the shows, from organizing to food service. They need more volunteers, but to get them they really need to reach outside of the Greater Brockton area. I think if the Club is going to continue, or at least continue to have shows and similar events, it will have to consider spreading out its venues to include the North Shore and even southern New Hampshire and northern Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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