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Sep 15, 2008
Milford Ct
How am I supposed to manage a broody silkie who has hogged 7 eggs this late in the season? What am I supposed to do with them if she manages to hatch any in October. In case you don't know it gets cold here then. Why would she do this now? I have a hard time letting nature take it's course, but maybe that will be my lesson this time? Would a newbie young rooster set the hen broody?
It must be something in the air!!
I am in VT and it gets very cold here too.
I got 2 bantam hens this summer, they were laying when I got them, then suddenly stopped. I didn't know they were laying again until I found one of them sitting on eggs. 1 egg hatched on monday, 2 made it to almost hatching and died, and there was nothing in the other eggs. And now my kids found the other one sitting on eggs. She just started. The crazy thing is the 2nd one did it outside, in the grass. We got a lot of rain and the poor thing just kept on sitting there right through the wind and rain!! So I took a wooden nest box I use for my rabbits and set it over her so she has shelter.
The 1st one that hatched a chick on Monday did it in my rabbit barn, so far she is keeping the chick tucked under her wing so I have left it with her. I am not sure what I will do if the 2nd one hatches any as they would come in October:/
I don`t think you guys have anything to worry about. I had a hen hatch 10 chicks in 30* weather and all survived and did well. Mama took good care of them and they managed to stay warm enough to feather out. Go with the flow...... If ya don`t want chicks, just take the eggs from her..........Pop
Hey, I am here in Wisconsin where we have had frost the last 2 nights, so its a bit coolish! I have a hen sitting on a nest outdoors with a top half of a dog crate for shelter for herself...She was determined to nest away from the rest of the girls...I candled eggs yesterday on day 11, and 10 of the 11 are developing as they should...I was worried about the weather too, but I guess if you are willing to take a chance, go for it! as soon as our eggs hatch, I will move mama and babies to the coop where they will have a heat lamp to stay warm...good luck!

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