New England Hatchery orders?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickensducks&agoose, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I live in Vermont, and don't know of any hatcheries that are closer than Ohio. I hate to ship chicks that far if I don't have to... so i can get pekin ducks and chinese geese from the local feed store, as well as golden comets from another feed store, relatively local... are these my best bets?
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    my feed store is a joke, my order is messed up. Thay can ship chicks quite a way with no problem, just wait till it watms up a bit, and make sure you order enough to keep them all warm.
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    Your local feed store gets their chicks from the hatcheries in the mid-west, no doubt. Ask what hatchery the chicks come from. I've noticed many hatcheries are from the mid-west. I've ordered from McMurray in Iowa. I would go based on recommendations from BYCers and impressions from the hatchery website. McMurray has a great site and has been doing it for a while. I've also seen Ideal which is in Texas. Those are the two biggest I've seen here. Oh, and also Home office is in CT but I think the hatchery is in Ohio. I've ordered chicks but set up shipment for the first week in April when it won't be quite so cold. If you order now I'm sure any hatchery will ship them when it gets warmer if you choose to do so ( will ship a minimum of 3 chicks if you live near a large city).

    Feeds store chicks are great but your types/breeds are limited. If you want something specific, you'd need to order from a hatchery. has a breed selection tool which is pretty neat and their breed descriptions are good too.
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    My local feed store sells chicks. I asked them where they came from and they told me Ideal. I get my chicks from Ideal because I live in Florida and Ideal is in Texas, not that far away. I have a friend who bought her chicks from the local feed store and is very happy with them.

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