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TN newbie farm girl

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Jun 11, 2017
We relocated from AZ to TN 8 weeks ago. It's always been a dream to have animals. I bought my chickens from a guy in Mississippi who didn't know male or female. Or, even breeds. If I post pictures of them, can someone help me? I have 14. So, I will have roosters to rehome. (How do I do this?) . Next, I added 2 pygmy goats that I chose to dehorn because I have a special needs son (horrible, horrible day for me & I probably would NEVER do that again). I also have 2 bunnies that Im not sure if they are male or female. They are very cute and I bought a huge cage so that I could separate them. We have added everything really fast, but it's been a lot of fun!!!


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We can certainly help you with the breed and gender of your chickens, you can post pictures over in the What Breed or Gender subforum :)

Sexing bunnies is pretty easy, I can post some info on how to do that if you would like. You'll want to get them separated ASAP if you don't want babies if they are male and female because they can start breeding as early as 10 weeks old.


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May 27, 2016
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Hi and welcome! Pygmy goats are simply adorable. If my property wasn't so rugged, I'd get a couple, but we're going with full sized goats.
And yes, unless you are ready for baby bunnies, separate the ones you have until you know for sure what they are. There isn't a saying "reproducing like bunnies" for nothing! :lau

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