New Flock Care givers with illness running amuck!


5 Years
Apr 8, 2014
Hi,I am a new member to BYC and my husband and I are also new proud chicken enthusiast.We recently purchased 7 ladies from a local farmer and began our adventure.We have 2 Buffs,2 Plymouth Rocks,3 Rhode Islands.We started the girls on a layer mash mixed 50:50 with crushed corn;fresh ample clean water is always available.Amature as we are the age of our girls is something we didn't think to ask.From literature obtained I am guessing about 10-12weeks.this morning I noticed one of our Rhodes comb was extremely pale and she was stretching her neck and opening her mouth wide almost as to cough yet silent.She also seems to have a clear discharge at the nares and bubbling inside her eyes.I noticed the other Rhodes and the Rocks also have the discharge and a cough.also after watching the flock I noticed The Buffs having diarrhea.We changed water to add probiotics and food to medicated mash with amphroal.I am confused by the different symptoms and unsure the correct path best to help the girls.I would appreciate any input to help treat.Are we dealing with two separate illnesses or what??Thank you friends in advance.
Hi. Congrats on you entering the world of chickens! First off, they need to be on chick starter/grower until they lay an egg. Remove the corn, it has no nutritional value at all. They need all chick feed for the time being.

If they have bubbling eyes , runny nose, or cough, they have a respiratory thing and you can start with giving them Tylan which you can get at Tractor supply or feed stores. I believe it's one tsp per gallon. It's not your fault, they had to get the cold from another chicken.

Medicated feed won't do anything for them. It prevents coccidiosis somewhat.

At this point I would not give them anything to eat but chick feed. If you make a wet mash they will think they're getting a treat, LOL
Welcome to BYC. I'm sorry that your new chickens are ill. They sound like they may have a respiratory disease which they may have been exposed to at their first home if any of the chickens were carriers. Wild birds can also carry them in, but many people bring home sick birds from breeders who either don't know or don't care. The common things to read about are IB (infectious bronchitis,) MG or mycoplasma, also known as CRD, and coryza which usually has a bad odor. Most respiratory diseases make lifelong carriers of a flock, and any new chickens brought in will get it. Just guessing yours may have MG. Many people would cull this chickens, clean and disinfect everything, and wait a couple of months to start over with healthy chicks. Some choose to treat with antibiotics in the water such as Tylan, oxytetracyline, or Gallimycin. Your chicks should not be on layer mash or corn, but a chick starter/grower that is at least 18-20% protein. Since they are now on medicated feed that is taken care of, but medicated feed won't treat a case of coccidiosis. it is only a weaker form of amprollium that helps to build immunity. Coccidiosis can lower the immunity in chickens where they can more easily get respiratory infections. Corid is the best treatment for 5 days. Here is a good link about coccidiosis and the common respiratory diseases for you to read:
I thank you so very much for your wisdom and advice.I find the more I research the more my heart is breaking.I have 25 new members to our flock expected later this month and the reality that my girls have MG doesn't leave us many options if this is to be a healthy living environment.We are going to try and return the girls to their previous home since they had to all be mg positive when we brought them home and I'm thinking the stress of the relocating brought out the symptoms.The farmer's flock most likely are all positive.Hopefully he will understand and help us with taking the girls back and keeping them.Then my husband and I plan on preparing our coop for the new arrivals(disinfecting&cleansing).I pray this all works out ,we are already attached to these precious ladies that will eat treats from my hand and sit in my sad of a start,lesson one I guess.....thanks again(do we need to report this to state & is there anything we can do to prevent this farmer from reselling his lot to the public as healthy birds?)

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