new food / more eggs?

woodward farms

12 Years
Aug 15, 2007
northwest indiana
well i dont really know whats going on with my 6 ladies and the egg count lately. i switched brands of layer crumbs i was feeding layena and went to tsc dumor layer, on wednesday of last week.

they get to free range about two hours a day or more most days,

on friday i got 5 eggs and then ever since been getting 6 that makes 29 in 5 days my best ever... befor i would get constent 4 eggs a day and maybe gat 5 twice in a week.

really cant explain why but sure am looking out to see what happens to come in the next week or two

is switching food the cause of this?
has this ever hapened to anyone?
will it last of fade away?
if it fades away do i switch foods again hoping for same results?
or am i just really lucky the past couple days?
or just plain nuts?
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