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9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Hello all,

New member here. I have more or less zero experience with chickens. Grew up in "farm country" though, so I remember going to the neighbor's to get eggs from their chickens when I was little. And, the house I grew up in was actually an ex-chicken farm, so there were lots of old relics around (old posters, etc.) At any rate, the wife and I are always looking for interesting and rewarding projects/hobbies we can involve our young kids in (<1, 3, and 5 years old), and the subject of chickens has come up a few times lately, so I'm officially "chicken curious" and here to learn. I have a lot of newbie questions, so I'm sure you'll all get sick of me soon enough. Just taking the opportunity to say "hi" first!


10 Years
Mar 22, 2010
from North Dakota! My son's are 2 and 4. They love our 15, 1 month old chicks! This morning my youngest son woke up and saw me standing by the brooder and said "are holding chicks? I want to hold chick!" not good morning, hi mom, nothing just chicks, chicks, chicks. Your kids will love them.

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