New friend for lone chick LOL too cute!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fried green eggs, Feb 24, 2013.

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    I started setting eggs in groups of two or three since Feb. 3. I have been adding 2-4 eggs every 4 days from my blue ameraucana pair. I hatched the first chick last night. Unfortunatly I dropped it's pair [​IMG]candling on day 7 and killed a little developing chick so, this little one will be all alone for a few days. It seemed so lonely when I found it this morning so, I added a little beanie baby to the hatcher for it. I set it in the corner and it Loves it's new friend. It keeps going back to the corner and rest with it's friend. LOL Too Cute!!!


    When my DH saw the chick sleeping with the stuffed animal - he told me I need to add another beanie baby for the brooder so, it will have one under the heat lamp and one farther away from the heat. He even said I should buy a little stuffed animal chick for the future. [​IMG]
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    That's so cute! Sorry about your chicks buddy... Accidents happen. Last summer I was moving a broody hen and her chicks out of the nest box to the brooder, and one chick was stuck under her wing and I didn't know. It was only a day old, and it fell about 3 and a half feet down to the ground. The chick lived and ended up being a rooster. It was a runt from the day I dropped it. I re-homed him and his brothers, and from the last I heard he is still okay, just much much smaller than her other roosters [​IMG] At least now I know to check under my hens wings for chicks before I move her if she ever broods again.

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